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As an experienced business owner, academic, homeowner, and parent, I strive to create environmentally responsible spaces that reflect the way families live and businesses operate in the modern world.  Whether in a city, suburb, or rural environment, the project’s surroundings as well as its history become influential in the design process.  With care, our houses, offices, and other “home-like” buildings serve as our outermost layer of clothing, providing comfort and function within while allowing us to best relate to the outside world.
Front row seats at the Westborough 300th Anniversary Parade! This house, built around 1800 as a single family home, had spent much of the last 70 years as a dentist office until Damian KokEnnen of SkyBridge Realty decided to purchase and restore it. As the architect, I wanted to create a modern flow of space through the home, but retain the character that is a natural part of a 200+ year old house. Extensive framing, new windows, and other construction coordination was done by Chuck Schuler at Building2Plan. The renovation has just been completed, and it is now on the market, ready for a new family!
See the episode here. The house is featured from 2:22 t0 3:56
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