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Rogers Home Office

Photographer Patrick Rogers needed a home-office where he could work both at night while his young children were sleeping and during the day as his children played nearby.  His previously small and unfinished basement was used only for storage.  In this project, it was converted into a bright and spacious work/play space.

To make the most of the limited space available, every aspect of it was considered an opportunity.  In the office part of the basement, sliding metal (instead of wood) doors on a storage closet for outdoor items becomes a large magnet board for reviewing work in process.  A 12-foot long stone counter (with bookshelves above) provides a long work surface where on-going projects can live without being disrupted.  In the adjoining play space, the mechanical room is neatly hidden behind knob-less doors that blend into the trim of the walls, thus avoiding the look of too many doors.  Meanwhile, a playful barn door provides easy access to the storage room beyond.  A special hangout for the kids is carved out of the space under the stair.  Finally, the laundry area, including a sink and storage tucks neatly into an alcove conveniently located at the bottom of the stair leading to the kitchen above. 

The project was completed in 2016.

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