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Krasnow Residence
Located in Newton on a street lined with houses built at the turn of the last century, this modest addition allows a family with growing kids to live a modern lifestyle in a traditional home.  A 10 foot by 20 foot rectangular space was added on the back of the home, blending into the form of the existing gambrel-roofed house. 
Deborah Mason School of Dance
For the past 30 years, Deborah Mason’s extraordinary and award-winning dance studio found a beloved home in various rented spaces in Cambridge.  Seeking a more permanent location and enough space to allow her to expand into new programs, a former grocery store, located in an old strip mall in Somerville was given a second life by converting it into a new 7000 home for the studio.
Rogers Home Office
Photographer Patrick Rogers needed a home-office where he could work both at night while his young children were sleeping and during the day as his children played nearby.  His previously small and unfinished basement was used only for storage.  In this project, it was converted into a bright and spacious work/play space.
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