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Koenig Residence                                                                                Framingham, MA

An interior renovation of a 1950’s ranch to add contemporary features including an open kitchen, a master suite, and a mudroom.  Status: In design.


Buress Residence                                                                                 Westborough, MA

The addition of an informal mudroom entrance and the expansion of an existing family room on the back of an 1880’s Victorian home.  The project includes a private entrance to the second floor rental unit and a vision for the flow of interior and exterior space.  Status: Construction to begin in spring.


Hulburd Residence                                                                              Newton, MA

The addition of a one-car garage with a second floor master suite.  The project also includes maximizing the living space of the house by creating a basement playroom and a dormered room in the attic.

Status: Construction to begin in spring.

Uglialoro Residence                                                                             Ashland, MA

A complete renovation of the kitchen and mudroom to create a better working space, a place for gathering, and a more open connection to the dining room and living room. Status: Completed, 2017.


65 West Main Street                                                                            Westborough, MA

A complete renovation of an 1882 colonial, single-family home that had been used as a dentist office for the past 70 years.  The character of the house is maintained, while providing for a contemporary way of living.   Status: Completed, 2017.


Rogers Residence                                                                                Ashland, MA

Conversion of an unfinished basement into a professional home office and a play space.  The project also includes a full kitchen renovation to provide a more open floor plan and an efficient use of space. 

Status: Complete, 2016.


Schulman Residence                                                                            Newton, MA

A complete and contemporary renovation of an existing master bath in a traditional home built in the early 1900s.  Features include a light and open feel and fixtures that look like furniture. 

Status: Completed, 2015.


Ast-Brand Residence                                                                           East Falmouth, MA

A Cape Cod conversion of an unfinished basement into a family room and the addition of a screened porch accessed from the kitchen.  Status:  Completed, 2015.


Thayer Residence                                                                                West Roxbury, MA

A first floor renovation of a traditional home built in the early 1900s.  The design opens the space to accommodate modern living while maintaining the home’s original character.   Status:  Design completed, 2015.


Wright-Lee Residence                                                                         Newton, MA

A new open-plan family room addition for a family with growing children within a home with tight traditional spaces.  The house is located within the floodplain, so a special conservation process needs to be followed.  Status:  Design completed, 2015.


Krasnow Residence                                                                             Newton, MA

Master bedroom, master bathroom, kitchen, and dining room addition to transform a 1920’s residence into spaces comfortable for a contemporary young family.  Completed, 2014.


Baskin Residence                                                                                 Newton, MA               

A complete renovation of an existing bathroom in a traditional home.  The new space needed to fit both the house and a contemporary college student who is its primary user.  Completed, 2013.

Bristol Development Group Projects

70 Chapman Street                                                                   Watertown, MA

Renovation of first floor spaces and the addition of a second floor master suite to a small bungalow.  Completed and sold, 2012.

19 Bennington Street                                                                 Newton, MA

Renovation of first and second floor spaces and the addition of a large third floor master suite to a Victorian-style, two-family residence.  Completed and sold, 2012.


Commercial / Institutional


Kumon Reading and Math Center                                                         Framingham, MA

Renovations of an existing commercial building to convert it to an after-school learning center for children.  Completed, 2014.


Deborah Mason School of Dance                                                         Somerville, MA

Design of a 7500 sq ft studio within a leased space to house an honored organization that has taught dance for over 35 years.  Completed, 2014.


Patrick and Carrie Rogers

Home Owners, Residential Clients

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Lisa and Tony Uglialoro

Home Owners, Residential Clients

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David and Marcy Krasnow

Home Owners, Residential Clients

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Deborah Mason

Owner, Deborah Mason School of Dance

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